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I think the wednesday curse has been lifted!

so, this morning I woke up on time (7.30) and promptly decided that i was exhausted, needed sleep, and could afford to miss my two morning classes once, and i went back to sleep. So, I got 8 hours of sleep - the first time I've really slept since november started. When I got to school, it turns out my first period teacher wasn't even here! so I didn't miss class after all, and I legitimatly got to sleep.

Then, in lab, as i was struggling to make my germinating chick peas respirate (yes, you read that right) the fire alarm went off. fire drill! we all dove for our coats and knapsacks, ignoring dr. z.'s telling us to leave our stuff and go. there was half an hour to lab left - those of us with our stuff hightailed it out of there, off to lunch.

wednesdays seem a lot shorter when you skip your first two classes.

then i went to starbucks to write - and by 9.30 I had 34,207 - nearly a thousand past todays quota! So I left starbucks early - 9.30 instead of my usual 11 - filled with lots of words and happiness - and did some work, and i'm going to go to sleep at a normal hour tommorow.

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sooooo tired.

was up till 3am last night studying philosophy. i officially hate socrates, and i fully endorse anyone who wants to give the man the death penalty. i'll wring the man's neck myself, durr.

i've barely touched children's lit who id first but i'm pretending that i know it so i don't care but what the heck is the mini monomyth at the center of the momomyth and when exactly is the father-reconciliation supposed to happen? ah well. i'll hope to be able to dazzle dr. silver with my tolkien knowledge. yes.

i haven't written since firday - my wordcount's at a solid 4,139 and hasn't moved - which is almsot halfway to where i have to be by wednesday, if i'm going for 1,667 a day. and wednesday's when i can start writing again.

i think i'm getting sick - i feel a bout of strep coming on which is bad i don't have time for strep but my brothers had it and i was home over the weekend, so the possibility is strong. durr again.

i have no time for metamorphosis but i'm going anyway and i'm excited and i don't care. i probably shouldn't fo to the nanomeeting tonight but i didn't go to the last one and i can't go on fridays and i really don't want to miss another one. maybe i'll leave early.

barely keeping my eyes open.
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Okaaaay . . . remember how the paper was due at 9am today? So. I was up till 6am writing, and then I finally decided I didn't care anymore, and I went to sleep for 2 hours, with plans to get up around 8ish. A quarter to nine, my friend Devorah (who's also been up till all hours - 6:45, to be exact - writing the same paper) shakes me awake, asking me if I'm planning to go to class. I wake up with a start - I still need to print the paper, being that I didn't want to wake my roomates by using Sara's printer in the wee hours. So, not having a disk, I email the file to myself and download it on Sara's computer - only to find that Sara's computer doesn't have my hebrew fonts. I desperatly try to install my fonts onto Sara's computer. I fail miserably. I'm tearing my hair out, still in my pajamas, class starting in 5 minutes. I send Devorah off to class and decide that I'll throw myself on the teacher's mercyand beg him to let me get it to him by the end of the day, swearing that somehow, somehow, I'll make the thing print if I have to do it with my teeth. I throw on clothes and run to class, amazingly only fifteen minutes late. I slide into my seat, very noticably late (as there are 9 of us in the class) and Devorah, sitting in front of me, whispers "We have to hand it in on Wednesday."

Wednesday? Wednesday?!?!? My eyes bug, I feel a wave of distinct hysteria coming on. We spend the next half hour of class discussing proper academic format and I learn more and morehow messed up my footnotes are.

The thing's due Wedensday, now. Because one or two people weren't ready to hand it in. Very nice of the teacher, but it means I'll be up all night Tuesday night. I refuse to work on it any more tonight. I'm convinced I'll be up till 7am on Tuesday night. I mean, Thursday it was 4:30, Saturday night was 5:00, last night was 6:00, it can only get worse. And my paper is saying nothing, and saying it badly, and I feel like I'm wandering blindly in the dark feeling my way by touching objects that keep changing shape, but at least I was done, and now I'm not, and I have to work on it some more.

At least I'm not the only one. Nearly everyone else in the class was also uip till some hour around 6. Devorah and I kept calling each other, but I only have reception in my room, not in the hallway, so I'd answer her call, go into the hall to talk, lose the signal, and take the elevator to the seventh floor to say hi. And then go right back down again.

And I'm keeping my eyes open by sheer force of will. I'm not going to make it through the day, I know it.

On the brightside, I have a NaNoNY meeting tonight, trying a new place. Looking forward to that. If I can make it till then without collapse.

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God I hate wednesdays. (Do you feel like this is a recurring theme?) oh god, you have no idea. It's just . . . one annoying thing after another. And it doesn't stop, doesn't let up, all day. Damn wednesdays. They should be ousted from the calender.

Of course, the day I switch buildings every class it has to rain. Hard. And wind, so that my umbrella is practically useless.

Then, take lab. Ah, Bio lab. I hate bio. So today in bio, my lab partner Dina and I managed to do everything wrong. We boiled 5 test tubes with nothing but water in them. We filled the other test tubes too much. We opened the petri dish by accident, releasing deadly chemicals (from my hand, ok. but still.) into the air. And when we finally managed to get great results in the boiling test tubes, we realized we had forgotten to label the damn things. So when the lab teacher said "Everyone check thier results with [ profile] penmage and Dina", we were like "Errr . . . that one was starch. Yes." Hide!

I had to leave bio lab early for the English Dept tea. But that eats up my lunch 15 minutes, so I had to run down to the Caf first, and got the only thing they had left - shells with spinach and marinara sauce. And, of course, managed to get the sauce all over my shirt in the elevator.

Oh, and my Philosophy midterm has been rescheduled for november. And I keep thinking, if wedendsays are bad now, can you imagine what they'll be like in november?

It's a bunch of little things; I knoow it could be worse. But it's just this constant buildup of things, and it just doesn't stop, and I can't take it.

Save me.


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