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So [ profile] cidercupcakes is hosting The Home Team 2009 Matches. You have until July 27 to nominate and vote for awesome kickass female fictional characters. And then, March Madness-style, the 64 with the most support will be matched against each other till we have a winner.

So nominate! And vote!

If you are at a loss as to who to support, I have some humble suggestions.

Kira Nerys )

Miranda Zero )

Catherine Weaver )

Fiona Glennane )

Cameron )
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A couple of PSAs for you:

I don't know how much of a different it will make, but I am willing to try anything to say Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (including compulsively watching and rewatching episodes on

The EOnline Save One Show campaign has moved into the Game Changer round--five shows are left. So go and vote for Sarah Connor! Even if you don't care about the show. I am begging you. Do it for me. I really really really want a third season. I want more of this story more than I have ever wanted more of any TV show ever.


There is a free panel with Neil Gaiman this Thursday night. The topic is Leaps and Bounds, Fits and Starts: The Evolution of a Children’s Book Writer. It stars Neil Gaiman, Mariken Jongman, and Shaun Tan, and is moderated by Andrea Davis Pinkney.

The description reads:

Picture books! Novels! Graphic Novels! And more! Authors and their works develop in distinctive ways. Some ideas and books are nurtured for years while others have a eureka moment. Join children’s book authors Neil Gaiman, Mariken Jongman, and Shaun Tan for a discussion about the ever-evolving landscape of children’s and young adult literature with Scholastic Vice President, Executive Editor Andrea Davis Pinkney.

More details here.
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First, [ profile] sainfoin_fields wrote this ficlet for me. It is gorgeous and perfect and I adore it. And it made me hungry for more Weaverfic.

So then I found Seven Sunday Mother-Daughter Mornings.

Over the course of S2, I have grown increasingly fascinated with the Weavers. I <3 them so very much, and this fic is perfect and heartbreaking and I love it so much.

If you love SCC, read these fics, because they are excellent.
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If you are not watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, you are missing the best thing on TV right now, bar none.

This show is smart. It is so very smart. It has fascinating, complex characters, and it really, truly develops them. It builds on classic canon and takes it to brilliant new places. It sets up its plot, slowly, slowly, and then, bam! it delivers.

I just caught up on the last two episodes, and I am agog with how good it is. I haven't seen anything this good on TV since, um. I can't remember when.

Watch this show. It's a little uneven at the beginning, but trust me--it delivers. It is so brilliant. I am ashiver with waiting to see how they will finish it. I am stubbornly refusing to believe that it will get canceled. I am watching it on Hulu about 20 times a day (with my computer, not my eyes) to try and give the ratings any boost I can.

Watch this show.

Spoilers up until The Lighthouse. )


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