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Today we had an Editorial Rally.

You may be wondering what the heck an editorial rally is. You wouldn't be the only one. RP, our Publisher, sent out an outlook invite to said Rally last week, without a word of explanation. We all started freaking out. We had no idea what to expect. Forced cheers? Pompoms? Book burnings? Firings?

None of that. Basically, RP and RR (the president of children's publishing) wanted to reassure us that we were doing a good job despite the flagging economy, that we would be okay, that print was not dead, and that we were a great team. They said lots of cheerful things about the books we're publishing. They talked about how awesome we are, and said that this is an impossible industry to break into, and the fact that we're all in it shows how much we care. All sorts of nice things like that.

No snacks, though. There should have been snacks.

This is all necessary because we just entered a very sudden hiring freeze. It's not S&S--it's CBS, our parent company. There's a hiring freeze through (the earliest) January 1, and the way we found out about it was when our sister imprint was trying to hire a new assistant and HR stopped sending her resumes, and she asked why it was taking so long, and they told her there was a hiring freeze.

So of course everyone started going crazy.

But it's not us, no one is getting fired, it's just a reaction to the recession. At least that's what they're saying now.

And then, when I was on the train, N called me. He took out the garbage and locked himself out of the house. So I had to take the bus home, because his car keys were locked inside with the house keys.

I may stop making fun of him for it one day soon, but I wouldn't count on it.

So that was my day.
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Today during our slush lunch, our intern opened a seemingly innocuous envelope, and out fell teeth.

Not real teeth, mind you, but not fake ones, either. X-rays. A whole bunch of them. Of someone’s teeth.

We were all suitably freaked out until the intern said, “I don’t understand why someone would send us X-rays of Subrights Assistant’s teeth!” Without, of course, being that she’s an intern, realizing that Subrights Assistant is actually an employee of S&S.

This of course made us all howl with laughter. Subrights Assistant’s teeth x-rays have been floating around in our slush pile for three months now. And we thought that some crazy person had sent us teeth!


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