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I have nothing interesting to contribute to the world right now, so I may as well share some of the links that have been floating around the blogosphere, in case some of you people haven't seen them yet, and also so I can refer back to them.

Firstly, while we're on the subject of no content, there's going to be an LJ strike on Friday, March 21. I'm sure you've heard about all the idiotic things that have been going on on the LJ front. In response, don't post anything on 3/21. No posts. No comments. No content.


Second of all, Match it For Pratchett!

Terry Pratchett donated a million dollars to Alzheimer's Research, and the fannish world is trying to match that donation. Whether you're a rabid fan of Terry Pratchett, a casual fan, or you've never read his books at all--or even if you've read them and hated them (can't imagine how, but to each his own) this is one of the best fannish endeavors I've ever seen.

We all know people (or know of people) who have suffered from Alzheimers, and if we haven't known the people themselves, we've known their family members who had to suffer through it with them. This is a fantastic cause, and it's a powerful opportunity for the fannish community to do some good. Especially with all the leaps and strides we keep hearing about in Alzheimers research--it feels like a cure may possibly be on the horizon. Let's help bring it closer!

And if that isn't enough of an excuse to donate, literary agent extraordinaire [ profile] arcaedia says,

to the person reading this blog that makes the highest donation by midnight on Saturday, the 22nd (and sends me some verification thereof), I will read and review your synopsis plus 50 (or so) pages of a work-in-progress (limited to novel-length fiction in the adult/YAgenre categories I actually represent). You can go directly to (the tipjar on the Match It site) and make a donation. You can send verification to jjackson [at]

So go and donate!


And now, to honor another great man! Won't You Wear A Sweater on March 20?

To honor what would have been the 80th birthday of Mr. Rogers, Mr. McFeely has requested that everyone wear their favorite sweater--any sweater--on March 20.

It's like towel day, only less strange. It will give you that warm, fuzzy Mr. Rogers feeling, and also keep you warm! What's not to like?


And finally, some sad news. Arthur C. Clarke died today, at 90 years old.

Go read The Nine Billion Names of God. We've lost a great mind.


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