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I am answering the phones for Bossman P this week, while his assistant is on vacation. Most of his phone calls are official business, but, sweet baby Jesus! You would not believe how many of the calls are people cold calling with submissions.

Now, let me just flesh out the picture here: Bossman P is the president of children’s publishing. The president. As in, not even an editor. Not even a publisher. He's the guy on top.

What are these people thinking? I really do not understand. I just had a conversation with a woman who wanted to speak to Bossman P about her submission.

Me: What is this concerning?
Her: It’s about my book. I want to speak to him about publishing it.
Me: Do you have a previous relationship with Bossman R?
Her: No, but I need to discuss my book with him.
Me: If you have a submission, you need to submit it to submissions editor.
Her: No, I can’t just send it in. I need to protect my rights.
Me: (huge eyeroll) No one is going to steal your rights.
Her: I need to talk with him.
Me: It doesn’t work that way.
Her: (huffily) Then I will take my book somewhere else.

These people must do some research to get to the point where they have Bossman P’s name and try to call him. So why do they not realize that the president of children’s publishing is not going to want to field their calls? Do they also try to call the White House to discuss their political aspirations?

Someone explain this to me, because I got nothing.


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