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I DID IT!!!!!!!

50,000! I did it! I wrote 50,000 words of a novel!

I can't beleive i did it.

I hit 50K in Starbucks and shrieked involuntarily, and then had to explain myself to the surrounding innocents, and got congratualtions all around.

I'm shaking. I'm not sure if it's the caffiene or the thrill of having hit 50K.

I ran right home and put on my NaNoshirt.

I still have more to write. But I hit the NaNodeadline, and got verified, and now my bar is purple, and I'm so happy!

I think I might cry.

I can't beleive it! I finished!
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I think the wednesday curse has been lifted!

so, this morning I woke up on time (7.30) and promptly decided that i was exhausted, needed sleep, and could afford to miss my two morning classes once, and i went back to sleep. So, I got 8 hours of sleep - the first time I've really slept since november started. When I got to school, it turns out my first period teacher wasn't even here! so I didn't miss class after all, and I legitimatly got to sleep.

Then, in lab, as i was struggling to make my germinating chick peas respirate (yes, you read that right) the fire alarm went off. fire drill! we all dove for our coats and knapsacks, ignoring dr. z.'s telling us to leave our stuff and go. there was half an hour to lab left - those of us with our stuff hightailed it out of there, off to lunch.

wednesdays seem a lot shorter when you skip your first two classes.

then i went to starbucks to write - and by 9.30 I had 34,207 - nearly a thousand past todays quota! So I left starbucks early - 9.30 instead of my usual 11 - filled with lots of words and happiness - and did some work, and i'm going to go to sleep at a normal hour tommorow.

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So I stayed up till 5.30am last night (morning?) to see the metero showers. And what did I see? Nothing. A big, fat nothing. I came downstairs at 5.3, and was surprised to see my friend Avigayil at the front door. Apparently she had woken up for the thing. So out we went, peering up at the sky, hoping to see sometihng. According to the security guard, last meteor shower they had been able to see in the city, depsite the lights and the pollution. So, we were hoing. To no avail. I kept sort of hallucinating that i saw something, but I don't think I really did. Finally, Avigayil and I went back inside, sort of dejected. The security guard suggested we turn on the news, see what was happeneing with it. So off we went to the tv room. I've never been in the tv room - I never have the time, and it's always being watched by people who want to watch Dawson's Creek and the like. So i had no idea how to turn the thing on. We had to call the security guard, who, laughing at us, turned it on for us. We flipped for a minute, saw some irritatingly awake people talking about sun and good mornings, flashed by a picture of Osana Bin Laden, and found a weatherman. OMG, that weatherman was on something. He kept saying "there's a full mooooon out, a full moooon." He probably figured that at 5.30 in the morning, no one was watching, and he could be as silly as he wanted. Anyway, he said that optimum viewing time in the city was 5.40. We checked our watches. 5.45. In a mad dash, we scrambled outsisde, eyes peeling the sky - but to no avail. NO meteors. In a fit of brilliance, we ran inside and egged the guard to let us up onto the roof (it's locked), but she refused, claiming that there were video cameras up there and she would get in trouble. We finally admitted defeat, and went to bed.

So. Ne meteors, but it was hella fun. And now I'm tired, and have to write my paper so I can go see Jonathan Carroll tonight! Whee!
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It's 4am and I'm puttering away. I'm a bit too tired to write, but the meteor shower is supposed to be brilliant around 4:30-5:30. I's supposed to be a wonderful, not to be missed experiance, and so I want to see it. I'm crazy enough to stay up. I don't have class until 12 tommorow (well, bio. But bio doesn't count, I don't go anymore). So I'm sitting awake at 4am, listeing to Uncle Cracker's "In a Little While", while my roomates sleep. It's rather peaceful. This whole month has been quite an interesting experiance. It's taught me a lot, I think, and it's only half over. I've grown accustomed to these late nights, staying up till two or three and waking up at 7:30. I've learned that i can handle a lot of things at once, I can indeed do it. It's a nice feeling. This is a sort of hazy entry, I know, but I'm in a hazy, comfortable mood.
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I did it. I did it! I hit 25K!

I've reached my first big goal - I feel so accomplished, and so proud of mself - I don't usually stick to a project this long and hard and well.

::feeling proud::


Nov. 12th, 2002 10:42 am
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My NaNoshirt came! It's a regular tshirt and says "No plot, no problem!" And came with a sticker.

Happy now.
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sooooo tired.

was up till 3am last night studying philosophy. i officially hate socrates, and i fully endorse anyone who wants to give the man the death penalty. i'll wring the man's neck myself, durr.

i've barely touched children's lit who id first but i'm pretending that i know it so i don't care but what the heck is the mini monomyth at the center of the momomyth and when exactly is the father-reconciliation supposed to happen? ah well. i'll hope to be able to dazzle dr. silver with my tolkien knowledge. yes.

i haven't written since firday - my wordcount's at a solid 4,139 and hasn't moved - which is almsot halfway to where i have to be by wednesday, if i'm going for 1,667 a day. and wednesday's when i can start writing again.

i think i'm getting sick - i feel a bout of strep coming on which is bad i don't have time for strep but my brothers had it and i was home over the weekend, so the possibility is strong. durr again.

i have no time for metamorphosis but i'm going anyway and i'm excited and i don't care. i probably shouldn't fo to the nanomeeting tonight but i didn't go to the last one and i can't go on fridays and i really don't want to miss another one. maybe i'll leave early.

barely keeping my eyes open.
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I'm doing it. I signed up for NaNoWriMo. I'm screwed, and I'm thrilled. I'm going to kill myself in November, but strangely, I can't wait.


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