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I'm pissed. Did I say pissed? Pissed is the wrong word. Try furious, roiling, boiling mad and angry, all at the same time. More people were killed this week. Twelvce people were murdered and scores more injured, many seriously, as they were walking back from prayer service in Hebron. But I'd like to call attention to a different attack of this week.

Revital Ohayon, aged 34, and her two sons, Matan, aged 5, and Noam, aged 4, were murdered in thier home this week. A Palestinian terrorist broke into thier home and murdered them, a mother and two small boys - the boys were hiding under thier blankets, trying to protect themselves, and they were shot dead.

An article in CNSnes said:
Revital Ohayoun, 34, and her two sons, Noam, 4, and Matan, 5, killed in the boys' bedroom of their home on Kibbutz Metzer, were buried on Tuesday.

Revital was talking to the boys' father, her ex-husband on the telephone at the time of the attack.

Avi Ohayoun, who works for Channel 2 television, heard his sons screaming in the background before the phone went dead, he said in media interviews. He described how his son Noam could only go to sleep if he had one pacifier in his mouth and another one in his hand.

"How can a man - if you can call him a man - shoot a boy with two pacifiers and kill him?" he asked. " Three entire worlds have disappeared. They loved life so much."

ABCnews said:
After going under a fence, the gunman reached the center of the community and entered a house where the lights were on, Lieber said.

He shot dead Revital Ohion, 34, and her two sons, Noam, 4, and Matan, 5. She was reading a bedtime story to her children when she first heard shots, which led her to call her ex-husband, Avi Ohion, relatives said.

He heard the shots on the phone, and later collapsed in tears when he learned they had been killed, the relatives said.

The gunman left the house and continued in the direction of the communal dining room where he met a couple taking a walk, Lieber said. He shot and killed the woman, while the man managed to flee. The kibbutz' mayor, Yitzhak Dori, 42, drove up in his car and was killed by the gunman, Lieber said.

"There are no words to describe this," said Roni Cohen, the slain children's uncle.

Terrified residents at Kibbutz Metzer spent the night huddled in their homes, fearful the gunman was still among them. By daybreak Monday, Israeli security forces said the attacker had fled, apparently to the nearby West Bank.

After Israeli security forces allowed kibbutz residents out of their homes Monday morning, they gathered in the community's streets, crying and comforting one another

"We have a mother and her two children ... who are no longer with us, and they are victims of a war that has no end," Doron Lieber, a member of the farming community, told Israel Radio.

A mother and her children. A father, mourning his family. And nothing changes, no one reacts. Where is the outrage? Where is the furious outcry from humanitarians all over the world, protesting the wanton murder of these people, these children.

I call your attention further to this article.

Last April, when Palestinian gunmen broke into Kibbutz Adora and murdered five year old Danielle Shefi in her bed, one of Arafet's aide's excused the attack, claiming that the gunmen were simply "people defending thier homeland." Now, answer me this: how is the murder of five year old girls - of four and five year old boys - the defense of a homeland?

Why is the world not outraged? How can anyone - anyone? - hear about this, and not want to stand up, and shout out, and make themselves heard? How can any humane person be okay with this, and let this pass, and by inaction, stand by and let it happen again - and again - and again???

Every day, more people are killed. We don't feel it here - I don't feel it here as much, and I was there. But they are people, just like us, regular, modern people going about thier daily lives, and not half as foreign as you might think. They're all people, good people, bad people, decent people, people of all sorts and shapes and sizes, just like here. And through no fault of thier own, they are being massacred, killed, terrorized. Thier children - our children - as members of a world population - are being killed.

Where are the activists? Where are the protests? Where are the people who care about the sensless murder of children beyond saying "oh, that's too bad" as they read the paper at breakfast, and then forget about it?


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